October 11, 2017

@Workplace Chatbots by ZippyBots

Why Bots

Get more out of @Workplace

You can think of chatbots as mini-apps that reside within @Workplace. These bots leverage AI and integrations with your other IT systems (HRMS, CRM etc) to help automate business processes, orchestrate coordination within and across teams and foster collaboration and camaraderie. Bots can help make your @Workplace even more vibrant and more engaging!

What can we do for you


ZippyBots builds custom chatbots powered with our enterprise-grade NLP. Our bespoke @Workplace chatbots implement your business logic in bots that integrate with your IT systems. Not just that, our bots are available as APIs and can be easily accessed through any other messaging platform. Whatever be your use-case, we can deliver a bot for it!

What can bots do for you

Get more done with less

Bots can serve as virtual personal assistants to all of your employees. They can help raise service tickets, apply for leave, file expenses and answer questions around benefits. They can be the new face of your intranet. Not only that, with bots, you can streamline complex business logic spanning multiple teams. Time for automation is now!

Why ZippyBots

We love bots

We live and breathe chatbots. We have helped leading enterprises in India and abroad build, deploy and manage chatbots.  Advantages of working with us are threefold: (a) our AI engine is pre-trained and is practically plug-n-play, (b) integrations with platforms like Salesforce and Zoho are already in place and (c) our modular approach allows reusability, leading to cost and time efficiencies. Please get in touch to arrange a demo/ discussion.