USE Chatbots to ...

Unleash the power of Facebook's distribution through chatbots

Generate better leads

Use your chatbot as the destination in your FB ads. Leverage the conversational UI to engage, qualify and convert leads

drive deeper engagement

Have your bot respond to comments on your FB posts, and have a more meaningful connection with your customers.

provide better support

Have a bot provide personalised and instantaneous replies to customer queries 24/7. Easily integrate bot with your CMR and ticketing system.

do more for employees

Build chatbots on Workplace by Facebook to provide automated (HR/ IT) support to employees and engage them via surveys and opinion polls.

Enterprise chatbot platform

ZippyBots can help you bring intelligent automation to your customers and employees
Get Done More with Less

ZippyBots offers a comprehensive set of features to help you get the most out of your bots. These include Enterprise-ready NLU, one-bot-for many-messengers' , easy API integrations and insightful analytics. Whatever might be your use case - capturing leads, conducting surveys, providing customer support or generating sales - we have you covered.

  • Train Less, Delight More

    Our AI models come pre-trained and are effectively plug-n-play

  • Enterprise language recognition

    We recognize terms and phrases specific to your enterprise lexicon

  • human-AI hybrid support

    Seamless orchestration of human & AI resources to ensure consistent end-user experience


The founding team has strong pedigree (IIT & ISB graduates) and has extensive experience in technology, financial services and building startups
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Pankaj was most recently part of the core-team of an e-commerce startup, and its journey from angel to Series-B funding. He is an IIT Delhi and ISB graduate.
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Jitender has extensive experience in the financial services Industry in India (Citigroup) and abroad (GIC). He is an IIT Kharagpur and ISB graduate.

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